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Permaculture offers us a design framework for simultaneously achieving food security, water security, ecological restoration, economic empowerment, and social justice. With day zero fast approaching in Cape Town, redesigning our lives to be regenerative has become a moral imperative, and fortunately a widespread pursuit!

Come share in our flagship 2-day workshop as we explore:

What is permaculture?

How to design your space (by allowing it to design itself)
Drought resilience – storing water in soil (sunken beds and swales); tanks; compost toilets; greywater reuse; and DIY filtration
Passive solar design – maximising the sun’s free energy in your garden and home
Soil fertility – composting; biochar; liquid fertilisers; worm farming (practical)
Organic practice – companion planting and crop rotation (practical)
Integrated pest management
Forest gardening vs vegetable gardening (annuals vs perennials) – which is more drought tolerant? Can they be mixed?
Plant propagation – soil mixes; seed sowing; cuttings (practical)
Urban animal husbandry, and
Bed prep (sheet mulching), planting, and irrigation (practical)

This is a participatory and practical workshop where you’ll leave equipped with the fundamentals for bringing permaculture into your life. We will get hands-on with composting, worm farming, liquid fertilisers, and installing a garden!

Cost per person is R450. Tickets available here: http://qkt.io/ofpNUT

In the spirit of transparency, please see this link for a breakdown of our estimated costs: https://goo.gl/tnfCBA

This workshop will only go ahead if there are 15 confirmed paying participants, so please share with those you feel may benefit. This is to ensure we cover our costs, keep the workshop fee low and make this education accessible. In the event we do not reach the 15 humans target, your ticket will be fully refunded. Tickets are non-refundable otherwise. Confirmation that this workshop will go ahead will be announced on Monday 12 February 2018.

Win yourself a worm farm (valued at R400) by sharing the link you receive when purchasing your ticket! The prize will be awarded to those who bring in the most ticket sales (helping us to reach our participant target).