Guerilla House is a shared learning platform for the experimentation and pursuit of regenerative technologies and regenerative worldviews. Our framework is permaculture. Our context is urban.

This is an impromptu and organic training space where we learn practical urban permaculture skills, deepen our interconnection, and actively engage in regeneration as a collective.

Our focus is organic food garden design and implementation, water harvesting, soil building, animal systems, mushroom cultivation, grey water systems, alternative building technologies, waste regeneration, and sacred economics, all within the urban context and all under the ethics of earth care, people care and surplus share.

The aim is to get us practically equipped as a community to be able to design and implement our way to collective (not just self)-sustainability, whatever our individual circumstances, becoming urban guerillas in the process and claiming our right to live the abundant lives we deserve.

Our core offering is a shared learning platform. We are not permaculture teachers. We simply hold space. Each one of us is filled with innate wisdom and a lifetime of experience, critical to the building of an inclusive world which works for everyone. We offer a facilitated space for this wisdom to flow in collective synergy.


Our mission is to cultivate minds and communities overflowing with abundance, one person at a time, one home at a time.


Our vision is a world where every single being has the opportunity and resources to express themselves fully, without fear, expectation, or lack.


We have taught over 300 people

through our workshops already

We make all our own soaps,

shampoo's, cleaning products,

washing powder, creams, lotions

No organic waste leaves our

sites. We recycle all of our

food waste on site

We offer free tickets to our

workshops to help those

who can't afford a workshop

A two-man team consisting of Imraan Samuels and Josh Potgieter, Guerilla House founders met each other in 2014 at a permaculture course which impacted their lives forever. They immediately knew their mission would be to pass on the knowledge they had received.
Imraan stumbled into sustainability and permaculture out of need, having dropped out of high school due to financial pressure, so urgent pathways to abundance were the obvious choice. Josh too found himself on this path out of need, having skipped formal tertiary education due to its incredible financial burdens, as well as it simply not offering the education he was seeking. With the amount of issues plaguing society right now, which they were directly affected by, they wanted to make an immediate impact. And the quickest way to do that was to start practicing and sharing their experience as they went.


We currently offer weekly workshops on topics such as an introduction to urban permaculture and food growing, soil fertility, plant propagation and starting a backyard nursery, grey water systems and water harvesting, biodegradable detergents, soap making, biochar, herbalism, and low tech mushroom cultivation. We also offer a design and consulting service for those wanting to bring permaculture into their lives. 
We're also in the process of developing more offerings such as more varied advanced workshops, homemade products as well as developing our social offerings such as hosting live bands, documentary screenings, poetry jams and language exchange nights to name a few.


Imraan is a permaculture practitioner, designer, and facilitator, with 3 years’ practical experience and a years’ worth of facilitation experience. He studied permaculture formally at SEED in 2014, achieving an Applied Permaculture Training certificate as well as completing a 5 month internship. His training also includes completing two facilitators training workshops at Berg-en-Dal Klein Karoo Sustainable Drylands Project, facilitated by permaculture veteran Alex Kruger. As well, he completed a Reconnecting with Nature Permaculture course at Terra Khaya in Hogsback, facilitated by the legendary Tim Wigley, permaculture veteran and elder. He also deepened his learning at the Greenpop Festival of Action in Zambia (March 2016), engaging with numerous social and eco justice projects local to the area. He subsequently worked for SEED (2016) on a Climate Adaptation Programme, retrofitting 10 homes in Mitchells Plain using permaculture to become more climate resilient. Lastly he co-founded Guerilla House with Joshua in February 2016, and dedicated himself to providing affordable and accessible permaculture education within the urban jungle.
Joshua is a permaculture practitioner, designer, and facilitator with 3 years’ practical experience and 1 year facilitation experience. He also completed his Applied Permaculture Training certificate in 2014 at SEED, along with a 5 month internship, and went on to complete the same facilitators training course at Berg-en-Dal Klein Karoo Sustainable Drylands Project. He a lot gained practical experience taking care of various permaculture based farm such as Numbi Valley guest house, one of the farms at Berg-en-Dal Klein Karoo Sustainable Drylands Project and in Cape Town, throughout 2015-2016. He also worked formally at Montebello Nursery for a year, deepening his understanding of plant propagation and operating a nursery. He has worked and collaborated on various sustainability projects such as the Muizenberg Festival hosted by The Hive, and co-founded Guerilla House with Imraan in February 2016. He has such a passion in sharing is knowledge with others and trying to make this world a better place.


Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30am - 12:30am. Drop us a message to enquire.

It's time for the new story of humanity to emerge. What part in it will you play?