Our design and consultancy services include: designing of landscapes into edible, medicinal, water wise and indigenous gardens. And consulting of sustainability from the garden to the house.

A core focus of our designing is sustainability and designing a system that is resilient and a beautiful to look at. It doesn’t matter if it is a garden, pavement or patio, there is always an option.

We design elements such as food forests, vegetable gardens, herbal gardens, indigenous water wise gardens, animals systems, water capture and storage systems, grey water systems, fertility systems, and just spaces that are environmentally friendly and ecologically regenerative.

We work in the Cape Town surrounds mainly but have done some jobs a bit further.


 When you book the first initial consultation, all we ask is that the transport cost is covered and the actual consultancy is free.

We offer the option to either just design the landscape and to implement the design as well. We also feel that is important to work through the design process with us, so that you understand our decisions and we can achieve the best suited design.

If you have any question or would like to book a consultation with us